Carb Cycling Women

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Carb Cycling Women

What is Carb Cycling?


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Carb Cycling WomenIf you’ve been looking for a diet program that can help you to lose weight, carb cycling might be a good choice for you.  But what is carb cycling?  Carb cycling is the idea that you have some days with many carbohydrates and some days with few or none.

Carbohydrates are foods that contain sugars and provide the body with usable energy.  In recent years there have been many diets that encourage people not to eat any carbohydrates or to eat few of them.

While this can help you to lose weight, it’s not a lifestyle many people can live with forever.  And it’s not a healthy way to eat.  The body needs carbohydrates in order for you to move, think, and function properly.

There are different methods of carb cycling and many different experts who have opinions about the best way for it to be done.  You’ll need to look for a version of the plan that looks like it will work for you.

Some health and fitness experts advise you to alternative your carb use daily.  One day would be a day with high carbs and one day with low carbs.  In some of these plans you have free days when you can eat whatever you want and not watch the carb count so closely.

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Other carb cycling plans have you eat no carbohydrates for one week and higher carbohydrates another week.  There are even plans that are more complicated and have you cycle through several different levels of carbohydrate intake.

The idea behind carb cycling is that carbohydrates are needed by the body, but if you eat too many of them all the time they encourage you to gain weight.  However, by completely eliminating carbohydrates your calories will be lower and your body will start to go into starvation mode.

But by having a balance of high carb days and low carb days your body is able to burn fat without slowing down and feeling deprived.  This is the best of both worlds when it comes to eating and can naturally boost your metabolism.

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your fat burning and feel more energetic without giving up all of your favorite foods, carb cycling is the answer for you.  There are different ways to use this approach and you’ll be able to find one that works for you.

Carb cycling may seem like a trendy way to eat, however when you really start to study it you’ll find that it’s a balanced eating plan that can work for real life.

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